The flip side of anonymity or shop cloned debit cards on the daknet.

Almost every one of us at least once heard about this terrible phrase, like DarkNet .

The dark side of the Internet, in which there is maximum obscenity, sell drugs, people, weapons, child pornography  there are you can also find shop cloned debit cards and so on... Yes, if you find specialized sites and forums, then of course, you will get all this in bulk. However, there is one but... It is necessary to purposefully know the address of such a site or forum, because they do not look like the usual Facebook addresses. For the most part, they substitute a chaotic set of letters and numbers, which instead of the usual org or com ends in an intricate onion. .

Therefore, you can not worry about the fact that as soon as you enter the browser you will immediately fly hundreds of thousands of offers to buy some prohibited substances or a passport of another state.

Well, plus, to access such sites, you need a specialized browser; familiar to all of us Opera, Mozilla or Chrome for this will not work. That's where a little-known browser with the intricate name Torappears on the scene, which we're going to talk about now.


On the surface, Tor is still the same browser that allows us to surf the Internet, like its other colleagues in the shop . That is, you can easily go to all your favorite sites. But let's face it - downloading it is absolutely not for this...

And indeed, the vast majority of users of this browser download it for one purpose - access to the DarkNet. Yes, who is this your DarkNet,you may ask. I'll explain on my fingers:

  • the total part of the Internet that we use on a daily basis is called ClearNet and accounts for approximately 4% of all information available on the network. Here is everything that search engines can index(Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.).).
  • next is DeepWeb,which makes up the remaining 96% of the available information and it is no longer indexed by search engines. This usually includes various databases or archives
  • and here it is - DarkNet,which is part of DeepWeb. The domain, as I said at the beginning here onion and access to it can only be obtained through the Torbrowser. This is where individuals come in order to buy prohibited substances, credit cards on the shop cloned debit cards, weapons, necessary information or girls of easy virtue. But trust me, all of the above is just a small part of what is actually there.

In fact, it is true, this part of the Internet is just used for various illegal activities, acting as a kind of analogue of Avito,but with a criminal orientation:

  • need a gun - no problem;
  • passport of a citizen of Canada - please;
  • driver's license - get, sign;
  • a stolen car is like two fingers;
  • fake certificates and passports - just whistle;
  • data of other people's credit cards - weigh half a kilo;
  • hacking the account of your former / former - just pay.
  • Do you want to buy stolen credit cards? You can take it from shop cloned debit cards.

Some now thought, like, cool. But no. Do not even think in a sober mind and bright memory to think about the acquisition of these services - this is mainly the prerogative of either criminals or migrants, in general, people who have nothing to lose. After all, if you are caught by the hand with something of this, you will not think much. 90% of all actions in the DarkNet are criminally punishable, and rest assured that among one of the sellers you will stumble upon a comrade major anyway.

After monitoring the sites there just a few evenings, I involuntarily wondered: is there a line in the DarkNetat all? That fierce trash that is happening there is simply incommensurable.

Yes, there are bright sides, but they are negligible with the hell that is happening in the rest of it. In simple words - there you can almost everything, if you had money.

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