How are carding forum gaining momentum and who are carders?

The more technology develops, the more new concepts and terms appear in our everyday life. Some we easily accept and use every day, some become part of professional slang, and some we learn about when trouble happens to us. Phishing, skimming - words that would prefer not to know any owner of bank cards.

Both of these terms refer to ways to steal "plastic" data so that the fraudster can either use it himself or sell it to interested parties.

Where to sell the stolen?

Carding forum is a new term for Americans, meaning an Internet platform where you can sell and buy the same stolen bank card data. Other things, this is not only and not so much a trading platform, but also a place where users exchange methods by which they steal the same data.

Many cardholders are mistaken, believing that to buy you need to hold the card in your hands. For online stores, it is enough to have the information that is written on the front and back of it. And despite the fact that your card will still quietly wait for its time in the wallet, the money from your account may already be spent by someone without restrictions and geographical reference.

Of course, scammers use all sorts of routing methods, as well as exchange funds from hacked accounts for cryptocurrencies, which are so proud of their privacy practices. And, of course, none of the participants in carding forums is present on the network under their real names, using nicks.

How a carding forum makes life easier for scammers

It is worth noting that the life of scammers is not as simple as they would like. After all, when a person or group steals credit or debit card numbers, it is not immediately clear whether they will become a sought-after product. After all, vigilant owners of these cards can immediately block them, or simply the accounts will be empty. In this case, all the efforts of fraudsters will be in vain. So, before putting the stolen data up for sale, thieves still need to make sure that it makes sense.

Carding forums just help scammers to check the stolen card data. Everything is based on the assumption that some very small transaction is unlikely to cause concern to the cardholder. Or a trial withdrawal of money will be made where the information does not immediately fall on the servers of the issuing bank.

In general, despite all the incidental costs that fraudsters incur, all this more than pays off when selling the data obtained. After all, a full set of information about the card will cost at least hundreds of dollars. And if it was possible to supplement it with the personal data of the owner, the price of the "package" increases to a thousand dollars. Now imagine that the data of hundreds, or even thousands of cards, is usually put up for sale.

Banks, of course, are actively working to strengthen the protection of the cards they issue. But the main problem is that the holders themselves are quite frivolous about this issue. And they do not really try to protect their bank card. .

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