Darknet links how they differ from ordinary sites in the clearnet

The most interesting part. Darknet links are what attract people. These resources are surrounded by an atmosphere of secrecy and inaccessibility, but we will try to talk about what can be found on the darknet.

Each network has a "black" part, where prohibited substances, weapons and forged documents are sold. There are also rumors that there are closed forums for murderers, maniacs and other criminals. There is no point in dwelling on them. It is better for a normal person to bypass such darknet links.

Another thing is really useful resources. They are in any of the three available networks. To find them, you will have to use catalogs: there is practically no indexing of darknet links on the darknet.

The largest directory of the TOR network is godnotaba.top

 There are darknet links on a variety of topics: from communication and education to finance, cryptocurrencies and torrents. The list of resources can be viewed without going to the TOR browser. A copy of Godnotab is on the public Internet.

Acquaintance with the I2P network is better to start with the local Wikipedia. There you can find links to popular forums and directories. Most often, active resources are searched for on inr.i2p and linkz.i2p. The list of topics is also quite extensive: I2P blogs, write articles and publish news. There is even its own analogue of Youtube - anotube.i2p.

In the Freenet network, links to darknet sites often change,so it isuseless to give a list of resources. You can find out the latest information directly in the web interface:just open the "Overview" tab and all the data you need will appear on the screen.


The darknet is a secret corner of the world wide web with its own rules and laws. It is dominated by freedom of speech and anonymity, and it is almost impossible to get into the darknet by accident.By and large, an ordinary person does not need it. However, it is worth going to the darknet at least in order to satisfy your curiosity.

The main thing to understand is that the darknet is n.N. The darknet is freedom. How to dispose of it, users themselves decide. There really is shocking and illegal darknet links, but if you want in the dark part of the Internet you can find useful sites about education, finance or cryptocurrency.

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