Buy credit card balance on the darknet as stolen cards are easily sold

Around the Dark Web, an anonymous and not indexed by ordinary search engines part of the Internet, there are many rumors and speculations. In it, allegedly, you can absolutely anonymously buy credit card balance, drugs, weapons and even order a murder.

During the year, Tor - the most popular browser for working on the Dark Web - has about 100 million new users, and law enforcement officers around the world are looking for ways to combat the anonymous network.

Buy credit card balance

On the darknet, you can Buy credit card balance.Hackers who rob people sell data to carders. Carder buys this data and makes a card out of it. Then who wants to buy credit card balance again .

There are many sites where I offert Buy credit card balance,but there are also fraudulent sites that are engaged in phishing is copies of sites that really deal with this aatelnost. If you want to buy cards with a balance from them, your money will fly to nowhere.

Do not do not do legal things it is punishable by law, people who remember the free cheese in a mousetrap. But you can not forget the fact that in the tor network there are really sites where you can Buy credit card balance .


The sale of drugs is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the Dark Web. In this part of the Internet, large sections on the largest forums and many individual sites are devoted to it. Their total audience is difficult to determine, but only one of the largest Russian-language forums for the sale of drugs registered more than 90 thousand users. You can buy almost everything on these sites. From marijuana to ecstasy, from heroin to synthetic drugs. Judging by the ads, the buyer contacts the seller through the messenger with encryption enabled, pays for the goods via the Internet, and receives drugs through "bookmarks". In other cities, the goods are sent by courier services or by mail. Personally, the seller and the buyer in the vast majority of cases do not meet.

Many online stores selling drugs are a built structure, which includes sellers, recruiters, packers, logisticians and PR managers. They are also looking for workers for these positions on the Dark Web.


Most of the figures and circumstances given in the article "Paper" publishes from the words of the sellers themselves, without claiming that they correspond to reality one hundred percent. Moreover, the users of the Dark Web themselves are sure that more than half of the ads in the anonymous network are left by scammers or law enforcement officers who expect to find real criminals here.

Approximately the same is the case with the declared anonymity of this segment of the Internet. Recently, employees of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States still hacked Tor and provided the FBI with information about the criminals, including their real IP addresses. The problem with security is also indicated by the periodic detentions of the organizers of even the largest dark Web trading platforms.

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