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Sites located in the onion zone are not accessible to the usual network on them can be accessed only through a secure tor network. Tor Browser provides the ability to bypass regional blocks of illegal resources, as well as anonymize your traffic.

The following is a dark web directory of onion sites that are very popular on the shadow internet.

Dark web directory of anonymous sites

Oker Buzz  - the acquisition and trading of various information for Bitcoin. The market provides an opportunity to benefit from the most valuable asset of the XXI century - important verified information. Kingdom_Com  — sale of stolen BTC. Extremely unreliable site, buying at your own risk.  Verified  is an old darknet forum dedicated to carding. Closed, paid registration. Great community, most of the proven carding services are there.  BitBazaar Market  is a very young trading resource. There is a guarantee service. Engaged in auctions, it is possible to make instant anonymous purchases. Low commission of 1%.  Monopoly Market  is a small, but noteworthy, international Internet market. The assortment consists entirely of surf surfants. The most interesting are the methods of security and domain name generation.

LIST OF .onion SITES Part 4
I decided to go back to the origins and cut down another part of the links.

1) http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/

All sites of the torus by category (except the most forbidden)


Satan ransomware virus


Phones at a low price (I ordered a 6-iPhone and everything came, in a huge box with wires there was a box with a phone. All the checks are in place and so on, it was written that was bought somewhere in the Middle East for bitcoins)


Forum where users share different links (mostly there are not very kind people sitting there, if your favorite site has moved to a new domain and you are where it is, they will help you. (possibly))


Hidden wikis (yes that's all description))

Collection of radical books

create your own store (very tortassy shit, if you are serious then you will have to sweat)


Creating your own onion websites

Hidden answers


Some kind of file sharing service
I have collected light sites that can be found in Google, but I can go by tin and make a top that will include sites with killers (there are now discounts), hackers who will arrange prolonged ddos attacks on people and / or sites, sites with people's tin and so on. But such a post will be deleted during the day.
Write in the comments about what to do the next post, preferably something interesting. Like an anarchist cookbook or something.
P.S. do not write that they left for you, you will be caught, imprisoned, and so on. I know what you can write about and what you can't, what they can be prosecuted for and what they can't.


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