Buy credit cards online as carders sell our personal data for pennies

You can buy credit cards online on the dark web. This makes the darkweb an incredibly convenient tool for villains. Then another page shows hacker rental services in which you can hire criminals who promise to commit all kinds of cybercrimes. One of them highlights his 'technical skills' and reports on the prices: if it is a 'simple' job, for example, hacking a Facebookaccount, he will charge 250 euros but if the client wants to spy or take control of a website he will have to pay 500 euros.

From another corner there are more worrying options, it is not only possible to find places to buy weapons; there are also offers to hire alleged 'hitmen'. Messages are read that reflect a chilling coldness: "I am an experienced real-life killer, I have 15 years of experience. You owe me half before the crime and the other half after I committed it." Without any scruples, the criminal even classifies his victims. For killing a child he asks for 10,000 dollars, for the head of a business person he charges 20,000 but for a politician it is 50,000.

"It seems like something fictional but unfortunately they are publications that are there," pereira claims.

The journey on the Dark Web proved to remain as dense as it had been so far. Julián*, a 26-year-old paisa graduate of business administration, entered for the first time a few years ago. He did it by chance, after ending up on the Silk Roadsite, a page known for being one of the most popular black markets on the dark web and in which drugs and weapons were sold, among other things. At the site, which was shut down in 2013 following the capture of its founder, known as Ross Ulbricht (who was sentenced to life in prison), Julian found, and bought, countless products that seem hard to believe.

Exotic animals from Southeast Asia, sold as if they were canned cans, were at the top of the list of things he inquired about. "I bought whale meat," he said. "It came to me at two months. It tasted rich, it's like tuna a little more greasy," he added naturally.

The order was made through an Okinawa company and cost him 0.10 Bitcoin (since most transactions on the Dark Web are made through virtual currencies). "They send a code, and that code is entered in a 'shipment and delivery' section. The box then arrives at a courier company and you just have to pick it up," he said.

"I did it out of curiosity, simply. To know what can be done there and if you could really buy that kind of thing," he replied when asked the reasons why he decided to make these purchases.

The surprise didn't stop there. Julian says that with a colleague they bought a human fetus from a company in Shenzhen (China). " It came in formhyde and wrapped and even arrived at the airport since that appears referenced as a medical study product. They handle labels so they can send anything," he says.

Today, Julian is a frequent user of the Dark Web. Enter at least three times a week and among the activities you do highlights the download of music and multimedia content. "You give yourself a little pass in the blogs, if the urls have changed, because the pages and the servers are constantly moving," he says.

In his opinion, the Dark Web is more a discourse of freedom than a path against legality since it offers a great panorama of options from which users should only choose. "Technology goes far beyond morality and ethics because they are human laws, that it is morally accepted and that it is seen as something normal. It is a double-edged sword because it can provide many freedoms for example to people who do a lot of research in universities, however, the use of that website can not become massive, "he said.

But is it really feasible to successfully access and obtain any of these criminal services? Are there any risks when entering there? Experts warn that for entering the Dark Web you can pay a very high pric Buy credit cards online is very easy and people willingly buy them all over the world. These cards are stolen and belong to another person. e. First of all, clearly no one guarantees that the promises of the supposed products, which are bought mostly through cryptocurrencies, will be fulfilled. In theory, it is negotiating with the crime. "Everything can be a scam even buy credit card online  and since you are buying a crime you can not go to the Police to report, there is a criminal gag," says Pereira

According to Adrián Acosta,digital crime officer for America of the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, in the hidden network some things are true and others are not. "In an operation we found a case of an alleged sale of a baby. When we went to try to rescue him it was part of a scam. In the end, they are criminals who scam criminals," he says. On the offers of hitmen, Interpol has only been able to verify the veracity of two in the world. "All they want is to get money upfront," Acosta says.

Authorities also warn that entering these types of sites and transacting there or requesting these services can make you, in some cases, accomplices of criminal networks.

"If you are buy credit card online on this sites for example and you are aware of that you can say that it would be part of that criminal process, but if you are going to buy something and do not know that it was stolen, or that it is an illegal object, ignorance can be part of the problem. It depends on the legislation of each country," he says.

Colombian  Police Colonel Fredy Bautista, former director of the Police  Cyber Center and an expert in cybercrime,says that in some cases you can reach a portal that, for example, offers drugs but is actually under the control of a legal force or an authority that seeks to conduct investigations.

"In Colombia, if a discharge is generated that is not even intentional, that is susceptible to an analysis, it is best not to do it," he explains. In the case of child pornography, for example, Law 1336 of 2009 states that storing, reproducing or transmitting content involving children can result in criminal action.

And the danger is not only to be scammed or to end up being part of a criminal activity, the one who enters there must be aware that he can put his computer at risk or even end up blackmailed.

Cybersecurity experts such as Camilo Gutiérrez,head of Eset'sresearch laboratory, highlights that "due to the characteristics of these networks, cybercriminals would have the option of hiding some type of malicious component to carry out attacks." In that case, they can have some kind of malware downloaded and installed on your device to spy on you and blackmail you or hijack your information and then ask for a payment. There is not even a need to make a download, just opening it would be at risk.

"You're basically opening a malicious download channel, you're trusting someone who is anonymous, in the dark world," Bautista says.

But despite all the dangers, Acosta and other experts emphasize that the analysis of the impact that the Dark Web has on society is extremely sensitive if one takes into account that it is also used for positive purposes. "It is used by human rights organizations or by groups of people in countries where there is oppression and where you want to make known what is happening," he says.

Pereira highlights that "within dark networks, one of the things that is most done is to express opinions freely. It is a mechanism of expression and dissemination for people who need to launch a cry for help." Buy credit cards online is one of the favorite businesses of people who do not do legitimate business, they buy cards and pay for their illegal items through other people's cards.

Acosta believes that a technological tool that, due to its nature and anonymity, is being used from the criminal side cannot be criminalized. There are many valid and legal services that can be accessed by taking measures such as the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a virtual machine (a software that allows simulating the environment of a computer). "We cannot criminalize the dollar because it is used by criminals because it is also used by good people," he says.

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