What is darkweb and what goes on in the darknet black market

"Darknet" is something like a black market on the network, where people gather who can offer you drugs, weapons and everything that can not be offered in ordinary online stores. There is another branch of the shadow network "DeepNet" (deep Internet), since the network has a deeper level of anonymity, and using a regular browser, it is not possible to get into it. Whether darknet has an official website - you can find out about this later in the article.

What is the Darknet?

Some Internet researchers claim that the legal and transparent Internet occupies about 4 percent – this is the official YouTube, Wikipedia, Google and so on. The rest of the space is filled with

DarkNet and DeepNet. How does it all work and how does it all work? The answer to this question is quite simple. The darknet is based on anonymous networks like Tor. In turn, it consists of 2 trusted feasts (feasts are also called "Friends"). It uses non-standard ports for communication, unconnected tunnels. Thus, the transmission of information in encrypted form is used.

Another characteristic feature of the Darknet is anonymous file sharing, because the addresses of the visitor are not determined in this case. This property of the network makes it possible to communicate with two users without any fear or control from the state. That is why the Darknet is the abode of underground organizations and various illegal activities. For example, BitTorrent can not be called the Darknet, because users here can contact any user over the network.

The darknet is a peer-to-peer network, so all participants in it are decentralized and can connect to any feast only with its consent or joint agreement. One theory is that the 2 branches (Darknet, Dipnet) do not intersect with each other. They are only branches emanating from the global network. Thus, there is no direct path from the web to the DarkNet or DeepNet. You need to know that there is no official DarkNet website.

How do I connect to the "official" DarkNet sites or black market?

In order to get into the DarkNet, you need to use the TORbrowser. From a regular browser to get into the shadow networks will not succeed. All sites on the Darknet end with the extension .onion, i2p and others.

Such a protocol ordinary browser simply "will not understand". Inside the network, search engines work quite badly, there is a semblance of Google - Grams, but it will be very difficult to find, because it is far away in the issue. It is best to find relevant information on the forums. To do this, each is supposed to first register, and some require passing a thematic test or donation in parts of bitcoin.

Most darknet sites in a closed network use a random set of characters or an encoded name, for example, the mirror of the popular social network Facebook looks like this - facebookcorewwwi.onion. For example, you can independently make sure that this link in your browser will not give results. It needs to be inserted into the address bar of the downloaded Tor.

Danger on the Darknet

Recently, online security researchers from Britain conducted an analysis using a specially designed machine that was set up to search by categories and keywords: weapons, extremism and illegal. The database included more than 5 thousand sites, where only half were active at the moment. And illegal information, with offers of prohibited goods or services, contained only about 1,500 of them. Most often among the already studied sites came across offers to buy drugs and organize financial crimes. The scammers can fraud you on black market.
Access to any shadow network involves the installation of additional software. The most famous

Darknet networks:

Tor — www.torproject.org;

Retroshare — retroshare.cc;

i2p — geti2p.net/en;

GNUnet — gnunet.org/en.

Shadow Network Topics

It becomes interesting which topics of resources on the Darknet are more popular.
Social networks of a sexual nature.Topics of banned political organizations and parties.Intimate services.Prohibited information of various kinds, the production of explosives to order, the manufacture of drugs - all this the user can purchase for the local currency BitCoin.

Here you can find stolen accounts of different Internet services, bank card data or purchase entire databases of personal information of users.Closed official sites to which ordinary users do not have access.

When you try to sign in, you receive a 404 access error. But the logs can detect that visitors continue to enter the site. What is hidden behind the entrance will remain a mystery to the user. How to work around"Access to the resource you request is restricted" isdescribed in this article.

To access another Darknet official resource, you need to download software for this network. Download links are provided above. There are several other networks that are on the verge of extinction or have already been closed.

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